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Template with aids for reading and writing.

Templates for text processors that allow the use of text accessibility resources written.


23/2/2022 - Template Configuration Update for Libre Office 7 Version Changes. // 2.New macro ("Descriu") that reads the descriptions we've added to an image or graphic.

Improves the autonomy of the documents generated from the template, so that they remain fully functional in any folder on the computer:

  1. Template for Libre Office Writer improved with the same automatic and friendly operation as the MS Word template.
  2. Once dislexic2 is configured on the computer, the generated documents can be saved anywhere on the computer and all its functions will work, including speech synthesis, both with MS Word and with Libre Office Writer .


Simplify the dislexic23 options and add a new template:

  1. Template for Libre Office Writer with the same functionalities in its own toolbar.
  2. For MS Word only a valid template is incorporated for any version of the program. It does not include the version for MS Office 2010 and later because the incorporation of the toolbar is complicated and, in addition, it can produce confusion when it is incorporated into the program (it appears in any MS Word document and not only in those generated from the template, which are the only ones in which it actually works).
  3. They allow to adapt the text format to the preferences of the user (type and size of the letter, the separation between letters, words and lines). You can also control the speed of the speech synthesis, pass text to audio file and have it read as you type. It also incorporates a dictionary of predictive text where you can save "phrases" (designed to serve as a communicator for students with speech difficulties).
  4. These templates recognize 7 languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Italian and Portuguese), both for the use of speech synthesis and for predictive dictionaries.
    <can be configured for many other languages, you only need to ask the author - ->
  • Dislexic24: compressed folder with all elements for the functions of the template dislexic24 (includes template for MS Word and template for Libre Office Writer)
  • dislexic24-Instructions
  • dislexic24_video-presentation
  • _Install_steps


  • Facilitates the use of MS Word resources (spell checker, no-breaks, separation between letters, line spacing, language, type and font size ...) and speech synthesis (controlling the velocity, the text to be read - the synthesis voice is automatically adapted to the language of the text-, which reads while you write ...). Includes version for MS Word 2010 and later, and version for MS Word 2000 and later (also 2010, etc.).
Expand the dislexic22 options by adding:

  1. Allows convert a text or the selected part of a text to audio file. It can be useful to memorize (poetry, theater role ...) or review, etc.